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Quickstart for Solidity


This tutorial assumes that you have a frontend that requests proofs from the user and processes the response, like React, React Native, or Node.


Deploy a smart contract

Deploy the following smart contract to the chain of your choice, we will be using Polygon's Mumbai for this walkthrough.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.20;
import "@reclaimprotocol/verifier-solidity-sdk/contracts/Reclaim.sol";
import "@reclaimprotocol/verifier-solidity-sdk/contracts/Addresses.sol";
contract Attestor {
   address public reclaimAddress;
   // add providersHashes for your permitted providers
   string[] public providersHashes;
   constructor(string[] memory _providersHashes){
      providersHashes = _providersHashes;
        // TODO: Replace with network you are deploying on
      reclaimAddress = Addresses.PLOYGON_MUMBAI_TESTNET; 
   function verifyProof(Reclaim.Proof memory proof) public view{
       Reclaim(reclaimAddress).verifyProof(proof, providersHashes);
       // TODO: your business logic upon success
       // verify proof.context is what you expect

You can check out the supported networks here (opens in a new tab)

Get the artifacts

Once deployed, take a note of the following:

  • ChainId (80001 in our case).
  • Contract address.
  • ABI.

Publish on chain