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Publish on chain using solana/web3.js


You can access the code of this walkthrough on Gitlab:

This starter project illustrates the process of building a Solana-Reclaim client application in Next.js.

Code Discovery

Clone the starter repo.

git clone https://gitlab.reclaimprotocol.org/starterpacks/reclaim-solana-example
cd reclaim-solana-example
npm i 
npm run dev

Set your metadata.

The starter repo has already-filled configurations for addresses, IDL, and Reclaim credintials. Add your own metadata as per your use case.

const EPOCH_CONFIG_ADDRESS = new PublicKey("FUmVofehkRN6RG4CT8eeszswuqtDcZbCgVKMCQFLvgfY");
const RECLAIM_PROGRAM_ID = new PublicKey("8rYXFrtST4ePpMWcEqhazFyRG2DtCUqgtFmKT7FdjRyp");
const SEED_PREFIX = new TextEncoder().encode("reclaim");
const SEED_EPOCH = new TextEncoder().encode("epoch");

Also, note that we are using Devnet and Solflare wallet for this example.

Publish proof.

As in Reclaim React SDK, our starter app shows a QR-code for you to scan and create proof. Upon successfull proof generation, A button with the text Verify Proof appears. Clicking this button prompts you to publish the obtained proof.