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Proof Verification SDK

Verify the proofs

Install the Reclaim SDK

npm install @reclaimprotocol/reclaim-sdk

Import the Reclaim SDK

import { reclaimprotocol } from '@reclaimprotocol/reclaim-sdk';

Create a Reclaim instance

const reclaim = new reclaimprotocol.Reclaim();

Verify the proofs

When any user submits Reclaim proof on your server or client, you can verify the correctness of the proofs by calling the verifyCorrectnessOfProofs method.

You need to pass the sessionId and proofs to the method. The sessionId is the session id of the user. The proofs is the array of proofs submitted by the user.

You get them as part of the request body when the user submits the proofs.

const isProofsCorrect = await reclaim.verifyCorrectnessOfProofs(sessionId, proofs);

It returns a boolean value. If the proofs are correct, it returns true. Otherwise, it returns false.