✨Works out of the box. If you face any issue at all, hit us up here and we will write the integration for you.



Use Reclaim React SDK if you don’t want to make any changes to the backend code. This SDK uses a hosted backend provided by Reclaim.

  • Reclaim Client SDK does all the heavy lifting for you -- from proof generation to verification.
  • Reclaim Client SDK is available as an npm package.

Here is a high-level overview of how your application integrates with Reclaim Client SDK:



  • Node.js 18.0.0 or later


npm i @reclaimprotocol/reclaim-client-sdk

Initialize the SDK

Get your Reclaim App ID from the Reclaim Developer Portal (opens in a new tab).

import ReclaimSDK from '@reclaimprotocol/reclaim-client-sdk' 
const reclaimSDK = new ReclaimSDK('<YOUR-RECLAIM-APP-ID>')