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Publish on chain using gear-js


You can access the code of this walkthrough on Gitlab:

These two repos hold all configurations and metadata required to publish a Reclaim proof to Vara network.

Contract and JS interactions

Clone the client contract repo.

git clone https://gitlab.reclaimprotocol.org/integrations/onchain/gear-sdk
cd reclaim-gear
cargo b --workspace

Add your wallet information.

As stated in the README, add your wallet credentials to your js/.env as specified in js/.env.example.

MNEMONIC= // Your mnemonic

Deploy contract.

Follow steps at Gear Wiki (opens in a new tab) to set up a wallet, generate artifiacts, and deploy through IDEA. Upon deployment, add your contract address to your js/.env.

ADDRESS= // Your contract address

Verify a proof.

Give the js/index.js file a quick read, make sure that you have the correct RPCs and contract addresses.

There are three functions of interest here:

  • initiate: Pings the contract to bootstrap an initial state.

  • addEpoch: Adds witnesses for epochs.

  • verifyProof: Verifies a proof.

Run the script with npm run start. You may comment and un-comment depending on your purpose, but note that functions should be called in the order stated above.

Here is a sample proof verification transaction (opens in a new tab).

React client development

Cloning the frontend repo.

git clone https://gitlab.reclaimprotocol.org/starterpacks/reclaim-gear-example.git
cd reclaim-gear-example
npm install

Code discovery.

In your App.js, make sure you have your Reclaim credentials ready for placeholders marked with //TODOs. Proof submission to Vara happens in VerifyProof component.

Submitting the proof.

npm run build
npm run start

After requesting a proof from Reclaim and performing the verification on your end, a verify proof button will appear on the screen. Make sure your polkadot.js is connected, click the button, a wallet pop-up will show prompting you to submit.